About STI

Smart Technologies Intelligence

STI is a company with a global network of businesses and partners operating primarily in the field of 4.0 technology. With a team of strong and experienced international experts, we have been striving to leverage the achievements of the 4.0 Revolution such as Big-Data & Intelligence, Blockchain, AI, Machine learning algorithms, Data analysis ... to create intelligent solutions for businesses and contribute to the revolution of many sectors in the Vietnamese economy. In fact, STI is in the process of expanding the scale and partnerships dramatically, aiming to establish an ecosystem called STI Ecosystem which includes many categories in areas of activity such as Startup Incubator & Accelerator, Healthcare, Financial Technology, Co- working space, Beauty Services etc.

Currently, STI is a strategic partner of the National Startup Support Center (NSSC), directly under the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC), Ministry of Science and Technology. In recent years, the two sides have signed cooperation agreements to implement many projects related to investment as well as development of start-up ecosystem in the field of technology in Vietnam market.

Future of STIBIO

STIBIO is a technology product in the ecosystem of STI. Here, we are gradually striving to bring the achievements of the Technology Revolution 4.0 into the service of human life. STIBIO fingerprint biometric software is born with the mission to help individuals, especially young people, soon realize their inner hidden potential, from which to have the right direction and effort to achieve happiness as well as success in life.

STIBIO uses the latest AI-based data analysis technology, IoT technology and blockchain to thoroughly upgrade traditional biometric products, creating a new generation product with high accuracy. STI is trying to create a more sustainable retail economy of Fingerprint Biometrics, where retailers become stronger by working together and customers will no longer worry about personal data security due to a blockchain-based smart contract integrated right in the fingerprint sampling process. The application of 4.0 technology has helped the company to improve product quality and bring customers true values.