Biometric Fingerprints

STIBIO whole process starts with sensitive biometric fingerprints of Yours. This sensitive and unique data not only can be helpful to discover personal characteristics or intelligences, but our experts utilize different sets of technologies to bring cutting-edge revolution at once. We keep fully secured all confidential individual data to process through different stages.

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Next-Generation AI Intelligent Services

AI Automation for sophisticated services is STI's artificial intelligence (AI) toolkit, which is designed to be deployed alongside the STIBIO® platform to enhance analysis & assessment infrastructure by implementing cutting-edge, AI-driven capabilities. It combines the latest exciting AI technology to provide customers across the globe with a highly intelligent AI-powered solution, tailored to meet their individual requirements and objectives.

STIBIO Technology  Intelligent Machine Agents to alleviate pressure on live automation

STIBIO Technology  World-leading biometric recognition & deep analysis capabilities

STIBIO Technology  Natural Language Processing functionalities to enhance customer experience

STIBIO Technology  Personalized experiences via automated processing support


Blockchain-Based Secure Image Encryption

Traditional solutions to secure sensitive data fade in IIoT environments because of the involvement of third parties. Blockchain technology is the modern-day solution for trust issues and eliminating or minimizing the role of the third party. In the context of the IIoT, STI proposes a permissioned private Blockchain-based solution to secure the image while encrypting it.

In this scheme, the cryptographic pixel values of an image are stored on the blockchain, ensuring the privacy and security of the image data. Based on the number of pixels change rate (NPCR), the unified averaged changed intensity (UACI), and information entropy analysis, we evaluate the strength of proposed image encryption algorithm ciphers with respect to differential attacks, which is considered to be safe from brute force attack.

STIBIO Technology
STIBIO Technology
STIBIO Technology
STIBIO Technology

Revolutionary Business Market

As a company specializing in technology 4.0, we always try to apply the most modern technological achievements to solve outstanding problems in the business market as well as in life, and at the same time. Optimizing customer experience.

For the traditional fingerprint biometrics market, customers will know their potential information through a personal counselor's personal presentation based on a paper printout. This traditional form faces several easily recognizable problems such as:
    1. Customers only get advice once and will not be able to remember all the information from time to time.

    2. The paper print result will face many limitations in storage, being exposed to negative impacts by environmental factors.

    3. Communicating the results to a third party becomes impossible because it is entirely reliant on a single consultant's consultation.

Recognizing these limitations, STI's biometric technology experts have researched and developed a dedicated mobile App to support the return of results to customers. With this dedicated App platform, customers can:

With this dedicated App platform, customers can:
    1. Log in to view the results of professional presentations by consultants anytime, anywhere and almost for life.

    2. Interact directly with STI's expert team to get answers on all information related to results and products.

    3. Share the results of the report with any member you want.

    4. Absolutely assured about the privacy of personal information with Blockchain technology and Smart Contract integrated in the App platform.

    5. Exchanging and interacting with other members of the community to update information and share connections.

At STI, we are completely proud to say that STIBIO is the first biometric product in Vietnam and the world market that integrates 4.0 technology and uses the mobile App platform to return analysis results.

STI's technology researches will certainly not only stop there, but will be constantly updated and perfected to bring customers higher utilities and really feel the tremendous change power of the technology for the problems in our lives.